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Home Insurance

Insurance for you New Jersey Home

Your home is probably your most significant investment and your most valuable possession. Even if you are still paying off the house, you still own whatever equity there is. The Shults Insurance Agency Inc. is here to help you get the insurance you want and to help you determine exactly what you need.

Some mortgage holders have an insurance policy on your home, but that usually only covers their investment. It is still up to the property owner to make sure the house is covered. Basic fire and damage coverage, as well as some liability, are the essential pieces to a good homeowner’s policy in New Jersey.

There are deductibles for hurricanes, and there are special hurricane policies that are available as riders. Flood insurance is covered under a federal program but not by your home policy. Other than those two things, any damage to your home is included in your homeowner's policy. A lot of options exist; things like deductibles and so forth can affect what coverage you have and what the cost of that coverage will be.

There is also the matter of replacement cost or fair market value. Replacement cost means the insurance will cover what it costs to replace the items damaged, and a decent market value coverage will pay you only the current market value. This is important when you have an older house. Fancy plasterwork, for instance, would be very costly to replace, and you may decide that some other types of surface may be just as good.

You may also set your liability coverage level, and that too will influence how much your rates will be. Some people opt for additional umbrella coverage to extend liability coverage.

Stop by or call the Shults Insurance Agency Inc. today and let us help you find the policy you need to protect your home. Current customers should also let us review their plan each year to make sure it is up to date.

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