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Flood Insurance

Why should I consider Flood Insurance?

As a state with a long coastline and inland bodies of water, New Jersey is susceptible to flooding and other forms of water damage. This is a significant fact for homeowners because a standard homeowner's insurance policy will never cover damage from flooding, and flood insurance needs to be purchased separately. Hurricane Sandy also demonstrated that New Jersey even has a risk of hurricanes. The rising water levels that occur during severe storms cause significant damage, especially for homes close to the ocean. It is important to learn some basic facts about flood insurance and why it is important for homeowners to make sure they obtain sufficient coverage as soon as possible.

The state of New Jersey requires homeowners to carry appropriate insurance to protect a piece of property from various forms of damage. According to the state's department of banking and insurance, all homeowner's policies exclude damage caused by water and flooding. This means that even if someone already has a homeowner's insurance policy in place, a separate policy needs to be purchased to cover water damage. A general homeowner's policy is only meant to cover things like vandalism, theft, and fire.

The pricing of a flood insurance policy can vary based on the location of a home, as the risk analysis factored into a policy often calculates the likelihood of water damage occurring through factors such as its proximity to the ocean. As a general rule, homes in beach towns will cost more to cover than those that are much further inland. Those who live near bodies of water should confirm that they have adequate coverage long before a disaster happens.

Shults Insurance Agency Inc. is available to discuss specific flood insurance options for your home and help create a policy that works for you. Please get in touch today to get started on the process of reviewing your coverage and possibly saving money in the process.

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